#6000 2555 Hampton Road, henderson, NV 89052


img01 View of the Strip, 3rd floor
img01 First floor model, under construction
img01 View of the Strip, 3rd floor
img01 Model under construction, Fiji
img01 View of amazing pool at sunset
img01 Barcelona, 2200 sq ft model
img01 Patio
Iím Intrigued! Please keep me informed

We believe in providing all the personal tours (guided by the owner/developer HIMSELF), answering every questions, and providing as much information as you need to make the best choice possible for yourself. The contract does give you 2 weeks to review all of the HOA docs and the Public Offering Statement (up from less than 1/2 dozen days at some other developers), and we put it up here for your early review. Hope it helps.

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Public Offering Statement

Insurance Certificate

Treasurer's Report (January 2015, 60 pages of almost every accounting figure you want to know)

Home Owner's Association Documents (subject to periodic updates, as per HOA. Updated financial packet on top; more expected soon):

  1. 2015 budget packet
  2. Balance Sheet, Dec 31, 2013
  3. 2014 Revised Budget (this is for 2 buildings only)
  4. Statutory Provisions
  5. TB CC&Rs (this file is best downloaded and opened in a reader, and not in the browser)
  6. CC&R Amendment
  7. TB Articles of Incorporation
  8. TB Bylaws
  9. TB Feb 2013 Balance Sheet
  10. TB Prior Year End Financial Statements
  11. TB 2013 Budget
  12. TB Collection Policy
  13. TB Investment Policy
  14. TB Violation Policy
  15. TB Penalty Policy
  16. TB RulesNotice of Zoning, Gaming and Soils
  17. Gaming Overlay Map - 11 - 2012
  18. Zoning Map Existing 3-2013
  19. Zoning Map ROI 3-2013
  20. Chapter 40 Provision Pages 5-20
  21. Soils Report TerraCon -01-03-2003
  22. Anthem Declaration of CC&Rs for Anthem Multi Family Parcel
  23. Perpetual Avigation Easement
  24. Anthem Council Articles of Incorporation
  25. Anthem Bylaws - 2nd Amended 11-11-10
  26. Anthem Council 2013 Budget
  27. Anthem Council 03-2013 Financials
  28. Anthem Council 03-2013 Financials
  29. Anthem Council 2012 Financials
  30. TB Disclosure Age Qualifying
  31. Residential Disclosure Guide Rev 11-2011

We reserve the right and ability to change specifications and features without notice,

in our continual attempt to enhance the product offering.

All information is believed to be accurate, but not warranted to be so.