#6000 2555 Hampton Road, henderson, NV 89052


img01 View of the Strip, 3rd floor
img01 First floor model, under construction
img01 View of the Strip, 3rd floor
img01 Model under construction, Fiji
img01 View of amazing pool at sunset
img01 Barcelona, 2200 sq ft model
img01 Patio
Iím Intrigued! Please keep me informed

There is a GREAT kitchen next to the common pool, which is really handy for keeping chilled your iced cappuccino, your Pepsi, or, if after reserving the space, having an amazing get together with dozens of your closest friends. Dip in the water, fry up some snack food for your friends, serve a cold one, and enjoy life.

We reserve the right and ability to change specifications and features without notice,

in our continual attempt to enhance the product offering.

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